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‘We couldn’t afford to give staff one day off every week’ Allcap, a company that specializes in industrial supplies and […]

‘Devastating – economically, socially and much more’ Everyone should be alarmed by the fact that the youngest employees are having […]

An unfortunate confluence Even though the Covid-19 pandemic caused widespread panic, most workers are still in anxious situations in 2023. […]

Pressure to participate Even though some workers are happy to have alcohol in their work lives, not everyone likes the […]

Branded a trouble-maker However, the NLRB’s action may not be sufficient to encourage workers who are subject to the law […]

The power of the voice We respond strongly to hearing a human voice, whether it comes from a cartoon character […]

Video games turning cinematic Profits from video games have begun to rival those from Hollywood blockbusters. This, in addition to […]

Breaking in It takes years of experience, hard work, and hours spent performing much smaller roles to win roles in […]

The rise of anime We need to look at Japan in order to get a sense of the scope of […]

The growing power of voice actors Rob Paulsen asserts, “It’s a pretty anonymous profession – or it used to be. […]