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An endorphin hit

Brendan, who works in Manhattan, also believes that the amount of money he makes will never make him happy. He worked for a bank and made about $150,000 last year. Pay raises are nice, but will I ever be able to say, “Yes, I’m super happy with the money I earn and don’t want to be making more?” despite the fact that raises are nice. Most likely not,” says the 32-year-old.

He says getting a salary increase will in general make him hungrier for the following boost in compensation, since he’s seen what’s conceivable. ” You most certainly get a bit – or at times large – endorphin hit from receiving a pay increase or an advancement, and I guess it’s simply kind of habit-forming.”

Sam concurs, and he also acknowledges that it is particularly challenging to receive a raise one year but not the next, or to receive a raise one year but a much smaller one the following year. I believe that is presumably in light of the fact that in that situation, you’re contrasting yourself with others, but at the same time you’re contrasting yourself with last year’s you, and that can be really disagreeable assuming you feel like you’ve some way or another relapsed.”

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