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From boom to backlash

Specialists say the blast in forces to be reckoned with and online networks celebrating being sans kid is, on one hand, a sign that cultural standards are moving. According to Hintz, the sheer number of people using the internet to connect with others who share their viewpoints is remarkable. Because it has become less taboo, I get the impression that some people are vocal and proud about it.

According to Hintz, the precise reason why taboos have changed is probably due to a combination of various factors. Urgently, non-guardians are turning out to be progressively mindful of other people who don’t have youngsters – whether through their own groups of friends or by means of online networks – essentially since it’s become more normal. ” One of the most effective ways to change one’s own prejudices is to personally know someone who is from a stigmatized group, “she says. Meanwhile, “online communities become places of respite for intentional non-parents” as “the child-free path becomes increasingly well-trodden.”

Hintz suggests that the pandemic may have also been a factor because public discussions about the difficulties faced by many parents came to the forefront. Due to the economic impact of Covid-19, parents began to openly discuss their difficulties with homeschooling, nursery closures, or simply managing basic living expenses. This provided a safer setting for discussing the benefits of not having children.

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