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The reasons people don’t want children

According to Hintz, millennials and Gen Zers are choosing not to have children for a variety of reasons, but there are a few common trajectories.

There are individuals whose decision not to have children is made crystal clear from an early age. Some people make the decision later in life and then say that it is a part of who they are. Additionally, there are individuals who may switch between pro and con views regarding childbearing.

Ciara O’Neill, a 31-year-old social media manager based in London, belongs to the first group. She asserts, “I’ve never really seen myself as like a future parent, or I’ve never really wanted to have a child.” Really, I don’t feel like I have this maternal desire to have children. Her beau of three years feels the same way, she says, and the couple likewise thinks that having children would make it more trying for them to travel or work abroad from now on.

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