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Choosing a life without kids

Members of the majority of child-free online communities are individuals who have made a conscious decision never to have children. This differences with different grown-ups who don’t right now have children, yet need them later on, or grown-ups who had expected to have youngsters, however couldn’t (typically marked ‘childless’). Childless individuals might have confronted fruitfulness challenges or other clinical issues, or been impacted by friendly conditions, like not gathering a reasonable or willing accomplice with perfect timing, for example.

Although the term “child-free” has been around since the early 1900s, feminists didn’t start using it more widely until the 1970s to distinguish women who chose not to have children. The suffix “free” was chosen to represent the freedom and lack of obligation experienced by many people who had chosen not to have children.

However, according to Elizabeth Hintz, an assistant professor of communication at the University of Connecticut in the United States who has investigated perceptions of child-free identities, the majority of academic research has typically “lumped all people who don’t have children into the same group.” This doesn’t mirror the totally different encounters and sensations of youngster free and childless individuals, she says, and means there’s an absence of long haul similar information taking a gander at one or the other gathering.

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