“Building bad processes”

Is exactly what the Indiana job seeker Conley did. His considerate comment ultimately led to a positive outcome, as he never mentioned the company in his LinkedIn post.

A LinkedIn client who saw the post alluded him to the Chief of a beginning up assisting understudies with entering the labor force. He was hired as its VP of Software Engineering in early July, which was both a higher position and a higher pay grade than he had targeted just a few weeks earlier. Conley has been offered consulting jobs to assist businesses in avoiding interview processes similar to the ones he encountered as a result of the attention. He is also producing a podcast about hiring practices.

“But it took me a while to value myself to get to the point I’m at now,” Conley says, adding that he wishes he had been brave enough to take a stand earlier in his job search. However, despite everything he’s done in recent months, he still believes that businesses are doing their best.

He claims, “They’re really worried about picking the right candidates, but in building in that worry, they’re building a process that doesn’t allow them to get to the candidates they thought they were going after.” “They’re really worried about picking the right candidates.” In fact, high-caliber candidates are moving elsewhere as a result of these complicated procedures.”