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Immersive CX is the new way to win and keep customers

According to Zendesk, Inc.’s most recent global Customer Experience (CX) Trends Report, immersive experiences are quickly becoming a key differentiator for brands in order to remain competitive and aid in retaining customers’ loyalty.

71% of customers surveyed worldwide are excited about experiences that are natural, convenient, and fluid, according to the report, which includes data from nearly 3,700 customers, over 4,700 customer service and experience leaders, agents, and technology buyers from 20 countries, as well as Zendesk Benchmark product usage data from nearly 100,000 Zendesk customers worldwide.

Immersive customer experience (CX) is becoming the new standard, redefining how businesses interact with their clients.This change is the result of what consumers are now expecting from brands more and more:that they meet them where they are, at their terms, through interactions that are easy and fun.


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