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Security a greater challenge, despite increased investments

In addition to issues in the workplace, the research reveals that challenges in technology and security are growing in the hybrid era.Even though a majority of respondents (79%) have increased their investments in security and privacy tools over the past three years, the UK’s almost half (46%) now consider cybersecurity to be their greatest hybrid work challenge.

Over the next three years, the majority of leaders (86%) anticipate that their investments will continue to rise, with cybersecurity remaining the top investment priority.In a similar study that Okta carried out in March 2021, only a small percentage (ten percent) of respondents thought that their security was inadequate, indicating that cyber challenges are growing concurrently with the rise of hybrid work.

Nevertheless, passwords continue to be the most widely used authentication method, with over half (54%) utilizing them as their primary measure, up from two-fifths (40%) in 2021.In addition, the number of people using biometrics as an authentication method has increased, with almost a third (30%) now doing so, more than doubling since 2021 (14%)

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