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Hybrid on the rise, along with proximity bias

Employees’ desire to adopt hybrid working has increased over the past few years, rising from 35% in April 2020 to 43% in March 2021, with 72% using this model by 2023.Before the first national lockdown, Okta’s research in 2020 found that over half (55%) were in the office every day, and in March 2021, almost a third (31%) believed that their employer would require them to return full-time.

However, only 25% of people, according to the new study, are currently in this situation.At the same time, the rise of hybrid work has increased proximity bias, which is the tendency to treat people working on-site more favorably than those working remotely.

A fifth of UK businesses, or 19 percent, see this as an increasing obstacle.42 percent of leaders are actively investing in ways to prevent this, and 41 percent would think about investing in this area.

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