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Sharing knowledge

iDiplomat research can also be continued by students into the fall.For example, Dellal is working on a new project that focuses on a public bank that invests in startups and a tech cluster that is growing south of Paris.Tapper, who recently returned from Kenya, is examining the factors that contribute to the low patent output at Nairobi’s universities.

Additionally, students might be given the chance to present their research.During the French ambassador’s trip to Boston last year, Dellal showed the ambassador his ongoing work on the Parisian ecosystem.Richert says, “We want to seize the opportunity to share the knowledge that students are bringing back when things like that happen.

“According to Budden, the student research aids program organizers at international MIT programs like REAP, MISTI, and others in comprehending the innovation ecosystems to which students frequently travel.

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