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Fast manufacturing

According to Sodini, one of the primary reasons that MIT decided to establish an Innovation Node in Hong Kong was because the city offers ready access to a one-of-a-kind manufacturing infrastructure that encourages rapid prototyping and scale-up.

This is in addition to the fact that Hong Kong is home to numerous reputable research universities.Shenzhen is a city that is home to a lot of scientists and engineers as well as fast, low-volume manufacturing. It is about an hour’s drive from Hong Kong’s Central District.Producers in Shenzhen have dominated the capacity to take a model gadget to unit amounts of hundreds short-term,” Sodini says.

“Shenzhen is the only place that can produce small quantities at this lightning-fast pace.According to Sodini, MIT students will receive hands-on instruction in commercialization-focused design and manufacturing:Giving our understudies access and involvement in this ability teaches them in how to move all the more rapidly from thought to item.”

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