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MIT announces “Innovation Node” in Hong Kong

The launch of an “Innovation Node” in Hong Kong by MIT was announced today. This collaborative space aims to connect the MIT community with unique resources, such as advanced manufacturing capabilities, as well as other opportunities in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta (PRD), which are nearby.

The MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node, which is expected to open this summer, will bring together MIT students, faculty, and researchers to collaborate on a variety of entrepreneurial and research projects alongside MIT alumni, Hong Kong-based students, and businesses.The Innovation Node’s goal is to help students learn how to move ideas from the lab to the market more quickly by combining talent and resources.

The Innovation Node will enable the following additional new activities:increased opportunities for MIT students to collaborate on research with universities in Hong Kong;events that emphasized entrepreneurship and innovation;internships with local businesses;and the establishment of startup programs and a makerspace for student entrepreneurs.

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