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An idea is hatched

Wong and Suzuki met at MEMSI, a two-week intensive bootcamp that challenges MIT and Hong Kong students to create a hardware startup.Suzuki had previously worked in a rehabilitation facility and was aware of the issues people had adhering to treatment.They started working on a pill pack that could send reminders to smartphone users when pills were still in their tin packaging.

Later, a friend of the two of them who had participated in MEMSI introduced them to Mathur.In order to determine where they could have the greatest impact, the founders interviewed hundreds of people with a wide range of health issues.

A diverse founding team was formed by the three of them:Mathur initially planned to become a doctor after earning a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience, but when she started working in consulting, she realized that earning an MBA at MIT was a better choice.Suzuki was an undergraduate studying mechanical engineering and design at MIT, while Wong was pursuing an education in electrical engineering at Hong Kong University.


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