Remarks by President-Elect Sally Kornbluth to the MIT community

Madam Chair, I appreciate your warm welcome.Additionally, we are indebted to you for your thoughtful and thorough direction of the search and for the outstanding inquiries you and your coworkers posed.

When you leave a job interview wanting the job even more, that’s always a good sign!John Jarve and the entire Presidential Search Committee impressed me so much that they inspired me to see the Institute’s endless potential.Naturally, I am indebted to the Executive Committee and all MIT Corporation members for trusting me with the enormous responsibility of leading MIT.

To Mrs. and Mr. Reif, President:I am so grateful to you for welcoming my family and me with such kindness.Also, a big hello to everyone at MIT:To all of you—students, staff, postdocs, faculty, alumni, and Cambridge neighbors—both in person and online!