Reimagining a curriculum for tomorrow’s engineers at the University of the Andes

The University of the Andes (Uniandes), which is located in the foothills of Bogotá, draws students from all over Colombia who want to study engineering.Thanks to a comprehensive redesign of the university’s undergraduate engineering curriculum inspired in part by its partnership with the Abdul Latif Jameel World Education Lab (J-WEL) at MIT, these graduates are now better prepared than ever.

As part of an ongoing interaction that fueled the Colombian university’s systematic reimagining of engineering education, Uniandes connected its senior university leaders, faculty, and staff to MIT ideas and experience over the course of several years by leveraging its affiliate membership with J-WEL.Now that it’s set up, the refined educational plan is now having an effect on understudies and is rousing overhaul endeavors in different offices at Uniandes.

Julia Reynolds-Cuéllar, associate director for membership at J-WEL, reflects:Uniandes is a respected community member.Leaders of their curriculum redesign efforts have actively ensured that lessons learned are widely shared, which is an essential component of J-WEL’s mission. They have also provided J-WEL members with ongoing insights.

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