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Self-folding laminates

Meredith Fields developed and tested electric-triggered self-folding hinges in laminates inspired by origami.Fields worked in the laboratory of associate professor of mechanical engineering John Hart, who is also looking into how blue LED light causes self-folding.

Fields made the laminates by laser cutting paper hinges, applying a pressure-sensitive adhesive, and attaching a biaxially pre-strained polymer like PVC or polyethylene to the adhesive in order to study the mechanical behavior of laminate hinges.Electricity, heat, or light can all be used to activate the self-folding mechanism.

“I’m testing an electrically actuated system by passing current through conductive carbon. When I do this, the carbon heats up, and the hinge heats up through conduction.”This is the basis of self-folding hinges because it is a heat-sensitive polymer that will shrink and form a fold,” Fields states.Batteries could benefit from the millimeter-to-centimeter-scale laminates.


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