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‘Still amazing’ to hold onto one atom

Vuleti co-authored the paper, titled “Nanophotonic quantum phase switch with a single atom;Tobias Tiecke, a postdoc with Harvard and RLE affiliations;Mikhail Lukin, a physicist at Harvard;Nathalie de Leon, a postdoc at Harvard;and graduate students Bo Liu and Jeff Thompson at Harvard.

The cooperation between the MIT and Harvard analysts is one of two advances in the field depicted in the recent concern of Nature.In parallel, researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics in Germany have developed a novel strategy for using mirrors to produce atom-photon interactions and create quantum gates that alter photon polarization or motion direction.

“The Harvard/MIT explore is a magnum opus of quantum nonlinear optics, exhibiting stunningly the vast majority of single molecules over numerous iotas for the control of quantum light fields,” says Gerhard Rempe, a teacher at the Maximum Planck Organization of Quantum Optics who aided lead the German group’s new examination, and who has perused the paper by the U.S.- based group. “Our previous work—with an atom in a dielectric mirror resonator—complements the coherent manipulation of an atom coupled to a photonic crystal resonator.

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