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An inter-disciplinary subfield of ethics, the ethics of technology looks at the ethical implications of technology and tries to find ways to mitigate the potential negative effects of new technologies.Technology ethics encompasses several key fields, from specific areas of focus affecting professionals working with technology to broader social, ethical, and legal issues regarding the role of technology in society and everyday life[77].

Prominent debates have centered on the use of robotic soldiers, algorithmic bias, and the issue of aligning AI behavior with human values[78].The study of bioethics focuses on the ethical issues that arise in relation to biotechnologies and contemporary medicine, such as stem cell research, human genetic engineering, and cloning.The study of computer ethics focuses on computing-related topics like artificial intelligence and robotics.

Intellectual property rights, privacy, and censorship are all topics in cyberethics.Computer science, engineering, and biology are just a few of the fields that fall under the umbrella of nanoethics, which focuses on ethical questions related to the atomic and molecular alteration of matter.Other fields of ethics, such as military ethics, media ethics, and educational ethics, have had to deal with technology-related issues. Engineering ethics, on the other hand, deals with the moral responsibilities of software engineers and their professional standards.[79]

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