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Humans discovered other forms of energy after harnessing fire.The sailing ship is the oldest known example of wind power use;The earliest evidence of a ship sailing is a Nile boat from around 7,000 BCE.[44] From prehistoric times, Egyptians likely used the power of the annual flooding of the Nile to irrigate their lands, gradually learning to regulate much of it through purposely built irrigation channels and “catch” basins.

[45] The ancient Sumerians in Mesopotamia used a complex system of canals and levees to divert water from the Tigris and EuphratesWheeled wagons were quickly discovered to be capable of transporting heavy loads.Fast (rotary) potters’ wheels enabled early mass production of pottery, but it was the use of the wheel as a transformer of energy that revolutionized the application of nonhuman power sources (through water wheels, windmills, and even treadmills).

[51] A stone pottery wheel found in the city-state of Ur dates to approximately 3,429 BCE, and even older fragments of wheel-thrown pottery have been found in the same area.[52]Travois was the source of the first two-wheeled carts, which were first used in Mesopotamia and Iran around 3,000 BCE.[53]

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