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Train and Educate

Set up a training program to teach employees about Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies and the acceptable and unacceptable uses of USB flash drives and external drives.
Demonstrate actual breaches and other negative effects of using USBs and external drives that are not encrypted to users.

Obtain the support of senior management and HR for your data security initiatives.As part of the company’s orientation, all new and current employees should receive training on policy standards.
Create a program for trade-ins.Engage employees by letting them trade USB sticks that they use for business, for personal use, or as storage at trade shows or other events.for USB and external drives authorized by the company.

You won’t have a tightly sealed data leak prevention strategy if you don’t train and educate end users about the risks. This will make you vulnerable to breaches.According to a Ponemon USB security study, 72% of employees use free Flash drives from trade shows, business meetings, and other events.even in businesses that offer USB options that are “approved.”

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