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Build an Encrypted USB Plan: Protect & Comply

Incorporating encrypted USB Flash drives and policies into your organization’s overall security strategy is the best time to develop an encrypted USB plan.Best practices include using an encrypted USB or external drive and issuing an employee badge and/or a company laptop as a standard policy and orientation practice.

Prepare a backup strategy for recovering lost drives.If you don’t have a strategy for using encrypted USBs or external drives and guidelines for how to use them, you won’t have anything to build on and your business runs the risk of breaking regulations at every level.As the efforts of threat actors have become more sophisticated, data loss and data breaches have only increased in cost to businesses.

In 2021, a cybersecurity study found that a data breach costs an average of $4,24 million US.That represented an increase of 10% from the cost in 2020.Create and adhere to a practical plan for data security that prevents BadUSB attacks by only using approved, encrypted USBs or external drives to avoid these costs.

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