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USB Considerations in Our Hybrid World

The pandemic is something that must be included in the scope of long-term technology planning and decision-making because it has impacted every facet of our lives.Almost immediately, every organization you can think of required a decentralized IT infrastructure as a result of the pandemic.

When viewed in this light, data has truly evolved into an essential business asset.Data must be viewed as both a new risk category and a crucial revenue-generating asset within an organization.An organization can immediately grind to a halt as a result of an inability to access data, a problem with the quality of the data, or a loss of network connectivity.

A typical outcome is zero productivity, zero income streams, and zero customer service.In addition to the financial implications, a data breach could have devastating effects on an organization’s reputation.In this way, customers and partners may quickly perceive an organization as unreliable, lacking in resources, and untrustworthy when it comes to client and employee data.