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We provided the specialist energy industry partner with our free Ask an Expert service to assist with their request.We were able to precisely identify the organization’s new endpoint management project’s objectives during the initial call.After these meetings and phone calls, we were able to suggest a possible solution that would let their field services and engineering teams use their existing active directory and use an encrypted USB solution that was easy to use.

They were able to achieve the ideal balance of cost, scale, and security for a business.Using one of our customization program’s options to assign custom PIDs (Product IDs) specific to their organization, we were able to fulfill one of their most important requirements, which was the capability to provide employees with approved encrypted USB drives.Their organization was able to approve this custom PID using standard end-point management software, ensuring that only the Kingston IronKey encrypted USB drives they had purchased would function at the endpoints.

This indicates that they will be able to audit all downloaded data files and will have control over the drives that can be used within their organization.They will also have control over who uses their end-point management software, safeguarding the company’s intellectual property and sensitive data.