A major player in the energy sector in EMEA needed to make sure they could protect endpoints while also giving employees the ability to continue using portable data, whether they were working in the office or performing important tasks out in the field.

The practice of using unencrypted USB drives as the current solution was quickly identified as a vulnerability.Portable storage continues to be a crucial business requirement due to the unique circumstances of energy company operations, in which employees do not always have access to their core business systems.

This indicates that, despite the fact that the solution may appear straightforward, there are additional factors to take into account to ensure the security of these endpoints without sacrificing employee usability.Workarounds that are less secure, cannot be tracked, and open the doors to malicious applications and viruses can be used when obtrusive and draconian security measures are used.Nevertheless, in the event of the worst, it is always prudent to include additional layers of protection to reduce risks.