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Over the past three decades, Kingston products have been an essential component of the IT infrastructure of Fortune 500 companies.Our products provide consistent and dependable performance as an experienced partner in solution development.

To safeguard data both inside and outside of the firewall, we also provide encrypted storage solutions that have won awards.With Kingston high-quality storage and memory solutions, data centers, cloud environments, workstations, mobile data centers, and virtual environments can deliver security solutions and application efficiency with confidence.Self-encrypting drives (SEDs), encrypted USB flash drives, and encrypted solid-state drives (SSDs) all provide an important layer of protection against costly data breaches outside of the firewall.

With field service apps, mobile workforces, and data in transit, businesses would be wise to implement a robust data security strategy at every employee level.Data encryption can be incorporated into a GDPR-compliant program and is an essential component of any infrastructure design or device deployment.