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The enormous hull designed by Pierpaolo Lazzarini has a draft of 30 meters and is divided into multiple blocks by nine distinct bows.This begins at the port area’s entrance and continues to the main square. From there, it leads to private homes, buildings, rooftop terraces, and an upper “shell” zone where various flying vehicles can land.The design team provides an unsinkable floating solution for the basement, which is intended to be mostly realized in steel, and houses 30,000 cluster compartments in the lower space.

Additionally, Pangeos incorporates an imagined Terashipyard infrastructure with a 650-meter width and 600-meter length that provides direct sea access.Nine HTS engines power the Pangeos.Each fully electric motor is powered by a variety of onboard energy sources and has a power output of 16,800 hp.

The structure will be able to cruise at 5 knots thanks to a jet drive transmission.Pangeos will continuously cruise the seas of Earth without emitting any carbon dioxide while sailing because the large wings will gain energy from the waves breaking against them.In addition, solar panels line the rooftop, providing a portion of the clean energy required to power the terayacht.