Interaction of Technology and Humans

History is where a lot of students first learn about how technology and human society interact.They learn about the “ages of civilization,” which include the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, the Industrial Age, and the Information Age most recently.As a result, these students have already been shown a number of examples of how societies meet their needs by transforming the natural materials in the environment to create new technologies.

They have also seen how these technologies shape their societies and how they relate to other societies through mechanisms like trade, communication, war, and assimilation.In addition, it is expected of students to be aware of the reciprocal relationship between technology and society from both historical and personal experience.Changes in technology shape society, which in turn drives technological change.Students are still capable of reflecting on the technological advancements that have taken place during their lifetimes, despite the fact that the effects of technological change are more difficult to discern when the observation period is only a few years rather than a number of centuries.

They should also be able to see how society’s needs drive the technological changes that are taking place and predict some of the effects that those new technologies might have.New media, computer, and communication systems are just a few examples of technological advancements that nearly all students will have observed.the creation of automobiles that use less gas;the building of new or improved roads, bridges, and buildings;and new foods and clothing styles.